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    Wiley Davis Electrical Inc

    Wiley Davis Electrical Inc
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    4236 South 76th East Avenue, Tulsa 74145, Oklahoma


    Wiley Davis Electrical, Inc., is a full service electrical contractor, established in 1977

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    General info

    Wiley Davis Electrical, Inc., is a full service electrical contractor, established in 1977. Devotion to quality and customer satisfaction has been the most important reasons for our continued success.

    80% of our work comes from the repeat business of satisfied customers.    

    Why you need to use an Electrical Contractor

    Wiley Davis electricians are often hired to install wiring systems into homes and buildings, but they are also trained to take care of many other requests, such as maintenance and testing. Wiley Davis electricians can repair electrical equipment, maintain security systems, install communication networks, and tests climate control settings. When it come to dealing with electricity, it is always best to leave it to the experts due to the medium's complexity. For safety reasons and in order to avoid further damage, these types of projects are not typically do-it-yourselfers. Therefore, when it comes to any kind of electrical repair, rewiring, or upgrading and installation, it would be smart to hire qualified Wiley Davis electricians who have been properly trained.

    Over the years we have built a solid foundation of experience in every aspect of the electrical industry.

    Wiley Davis Electrical, Inc. has worked on many prestigious commercial, medical, industrial, and retail facilities in the eastern Oklahoma area, including:

    •     American Airlines

    •     Blue Bell Ice Cream

    •     Rhema Sanctuary

    •     Hillcrest Hospital

    •     Nordam, Union Schools

    •     Cox Communications

    •     Williams Towers

    •     Dominion Leasing (Corps of Engineers).

    Our industrial work has included:

    •     Refineries

    •     Tank farms

    •     Chemical plants

    We are also small business and government Hubzone certified.

    We enjoy the ability to do design/build projects as well.  We have also completed many projects overseas and in other states, including:

    •     turbine generators

    •     design and construction of computer rooms

    •     oil related construction.

    Among the services we perform, those which maybe of particular interest to your company are:

    •     Outstanding Service Department

    •     Quick response by the best-qualified people in the business.

    •     Infrared Scanning – Prevent costly problems before they happen

    •     Design/Engineering – For any size project